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How To Turn Up The Body’s “Metabolic Dial

It’s simple: add lean muscle.

Lean muscle is the smooth, powerful muscle tissue that seems to “glow” beneath the skin of athletes and models…

…and it demands more oxygen and energy than almost any other tissue in the body.

So when a woman adds more lean muscle, her body’s metabolism will have to run faster… it’s hungry for oxygen and nutrients!

And this is why…

It’s Ok To Eat That Molten Chocolate Cake… Without An Ounce of Guilt ;)

If the body’s metabolic “furnace” is burning hotter 24-7, it’s totally ok to indulge in the occasional treat. 

Yes, sugar still burns fast and dirty, but way more of those calories will be immediately converted to energy, to feed that lean muscle... 

…which means fewer calories getting converted into fat.

So remember this: the more lean muscle, the faster the resting metabolic rate.

That was a big “ah-ha” for me.

It turned me off unhealthy restriction diets (because gosh it would be hard for me to give up pizza and cupcakes forever!)

And it got me focused on increasing healthy lean muscle, so my body would naturally and automatically regulate its own weight. It took some time, but…

I Developed A Method To Get In Shape And Get Toned… And People Took Notice

I still remember the day that I looked at myself in the mirror and said “I’m going to fix this.”

That was the day that I gave up everything else in my life, and pursued a certification as a Personal Trainer (not that I had a lot going on at the time, anyway).

Between what I was learning in my Personal Training curriculum, and my own research, I began to try anything that I thought might help my boost my lean muscle mass.

I tried a lot of different workouts, and a lot of different eating plans, and gave up on most of the things I tried after a few weeks. For example, I didn’t want to work out with weights and get big and bulky (and I felt really uncomfortable in the gym!)

But about six months in, there was a two-week period where everything just “clicked.” My weight started to drop faster than I’d expected, and my energy levels were up. My digestion improved, and my skin was even looking better!

Friends were commenting on my appearance, and men were paying a lot more attention. And that was when I got “discovered” as a fitness model, too.

Basically, I felt like a new person, and the world seemed to feel the same way ;) 

Let me tell you about what I learned:

Introducing… The 14-Day Metabolism Reset

The 14-Day Metabolism Reset

The 14-Day Metabolism Reset is the exact two-week plan that I use to get slim and toned, lose unwanted fat, and build lean muscle… without unhealthy pills, calorie restriction, or total exhaustion!

It’s now been two years since I discovered it, and in that time, I’ve had the opportunity to perfect it with client after client. There are two key elements to the program:

Metabolism Reset Key #1:
Low-Sugar, Low-Salt Meals

When someone cuts refined sugar, it dramatically lowers their insulin response, which causes fewer calories to get stored as fat (and it eliminates the mood and energy swings that sugar causes!). 

And when they reduce salt, the body stores less water (which is one of the reasons that I’m able to get my abs to show like they do).

Marina Abs

Metabolism Reset Key #2:
20-Minute HIIT Workouts

Also known as “afterburn” workouts, these get the heart rate up fast, but they also build lean muscle so the body shifts into a higher metabolic state for the next 24 hours. People who follow these workouts get both stronger and slimmer than they would with long cardio sessions.

Critically, my workouts focus 80% on legs and core – those are some of the body’s biggest muscle groups, so building lean muscle there is way better than in the upper body.

And what woman doesn’t want a more sculpted booty in just 14 days???

I believe that these workouts are why I got results (for myself, AND my clients) when nothing else worked. With a daily “lean muscle boosting workout,” the metabolism is kicked into high gear… and by the end of the 14 days, it’s running better than it’s ever run before.

The best part is that the Reset does not require a woman to organize her life around it!

I am a busy person and I do not have hours to spend in the gym or the kitchen! And I know this is the case for my clients... whether they're studying, working, or caring for their home or family. Women so often put the needs of others in front of their own, and sometimes they don't take care of themselves the way they deserve.

mom with kids

That's why it was important for me to create a program that is easy to follow... it's simple, it's short, it's fun, and it is sustainable. It's 20 minutes a day that will improve your life, and it’s easy to start right now.

Marina Bikini

I do this 14-Day Reset several times a year... before photo shoots where I have to look my healthiest, before weddings, and yes... before bikini season!

It features big, filling meals that taste great. And of course, the daily energy and mood boost with quick workouts, done from the home, the park, or anywhere else that's convenient.

The workouts are all based on body weight, and don't require weights, bands, or any other equipment.

Medical Doctors Stand Behind My 14-Day Reset

It was very important for me to create a program that is healthy, efficient and sustainable. And that is why I decided to contact doctors and ask them to look over my recipe book and workouts to make sure they were good. And I was extremely happy with the responses I got:

"It always upsets me when I see young women trying to take unhealthy shortcuts, like weight loss pills and restriction diets, because I've seen firsthand how damaging these can be. At the same time, I understand the pressure that every woman feels to look her best. But until now, I haven't felt comfortable recommending a protocol for weight loss that's healthy, easy to follow, and highly effective. Yet Marina's 14 Day Metabolism Reset checks all three of these boxes. She truly did her homework, created something new and unique, and it works, so it's my great pleasure to offer my highest recommendation for this program."

Dr. Ari Magill
Southwestern University

"There are two reasons that I advise women to follow Marina's 14-Day Metabolism Reset. First, who doesn't want to look better and trimmer? There's no doubt that this course delivers on weight loss and body shaping. But more importantly, the evidence is clear that a healthy, active metabolism is important for both day-to-day energy and happiness, and also, for a long and active life. Whether a woman is 21, 41 or 61, I'm confident that she can follow Marina's course, get great results, and look and feel incredible."

Dr. Kim Langdon
Ohio State University

…And My Customers Love It Too!

I'd like to invite you to join the Radiant Me Community, start the 14 Day Reset, right now, and see amazing results in just 2 weeks from today. It'll only take 20 minutes a day, and I've got the whole thing laid out:

Here’s Everything In The Program:

recipe book
  • 7 Breakfasts
  • 7 Lunches
  • 7 Dinners
  • Delicious Snacks
  • Nutrition Tips that even doctors don’t know
  • A full shopping list - stock up once for the next 14 days!
  • Don't worry, families love these meals too!
Training Videos
  • 14 Training Videos - I'll be working out with you the entire way, and there’s no equipment required .
  • Each workout is just 20 minutes, and there are options to do "high" or "low" intensity, based on your current fitness level.
  • Burn calories, build lean muscle mass… and most importantly, crank up that Resting Metabolic Rate!
private community
  • A private community to ask questions, share results and get support and motivation!
  • It's a 24/7 support team from every woman in the community.
  • Connect with other women who are on the same fitness journey.
  • ...and be on the lookout for a few surprises in the community, as well ;)

The Investment In The 14-Day Reset..
...is only $29.97!

Start the course right now, with full, instant access to the whole program: every workout video, the recipe book, and the day-by-day training and diet calendar.

And much more importantly, I want to help you feel healthier, stronger, leaner, more confident...in just 14 days from now!

Start The 14-Day Reset Now!

And Just For Some Perspective...

$29.97 is less than the price of...

Beauty Products

A Trip To The Beauty Store

New Blouse

A Cute New Blouse


A Few Drinks At The Bar

...but there's no makeup, no blouse, and no amount of drinks that can make a woman feel the way a healthy body will.

So the only question you should have at this point is...

"Will This Work For Me?"

It's the most common question I get... "is it really possible to eat delicious, filling meals, and only work out 20 minutes a day, and actually lose weight and gain energy?"

And even though everyone is different and results may vary, I've seen it happen enough times now that I can answer: YES, it is possible!

But I've been sitting right there before, and I've tried other programs that promise the world, but don't deliver results.

Unconditional Guarantee

So I'm willing to take all the responsibility here, and offer a full 1-Year, Unconditional Guarantee: if you buy the course, and don't like it, you can return it ANY time between now, and 365 days from now.

Heck, you can go through it multiple times, and call me next year at this time, and I'll still honor the refund request.

I'm confident offering this guarantee because I know that the 14-Day Reset is a great program, and I want to give you the peace of mind to try it, and see just how well it works for you. So join me and start today!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Is the Recipe Book Vegan or Vegetarian Friendly?

A: At the moment we do not have a Vegan or Vegetarian recipe book. That being said there are quite a few vegan and vegetarian women who’ve gone through it, and we’ve worked together to make their modifications available to everyone!

Q: "Will the meals be expensive, or difficult to prepare?"

A: No! All of the meals take 30 min or less. They do not require an extensive amount of ingredients as they are very simple to make. 

Q: "I'm really overweight and I haven't worked out for awhile. Will I be able to do this too, or will it be too intense for me?"

A: No worries at all... the exercises have modifications to accommodate different fitness levels, and I'm confident that any woman can rock them. I always remind my clients that the most important thing during the workouts is that "you are doing your best". If you are pushing yourself and doing your best, you will achieve results. 

Q: Will my body stay lean after I'm done with this plan?

A: I created the program to be sustainable, which means that anyone should be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle after they’ve finished the 14 Day Reset. It is important to take the habits and lessons, and adapt them to day to day life. From there, it's all about balance and maintenance. Consistency is the key!

Q: I won't look like a bodybuilder after this, will I?

A: No not at all :) I've got nothing but respect for bodybuilder because their workout and eating regimens are intense and strict, requiring a lot of discipline. But the 14 Day Reset was designed for the everyday woman who does not have a lot of time. The program will help her lose unwanted pounds, get toned and improve her metabolism and health. 

Q: Is this a monthly subscription? Will I be charged more than once?

A: NO! There is no monthly charge. The 14 Day Reset is a one-time payment of $29.97 for lifetime access to the program and members’ community. 

Q: Will I still have access to the 14 Day Metabolism Reset after the 14 days are over?

A: YES! The purchase includes lifetime access on the computer, cell phone… anywhere with a web browser. Many members do the program two to three times a year, and have been doing so for a few years going now!

Q: "Is the guarantee really 1 year?"

A: It is! Buy the course now, and who knows… don’t even start it for the next 50 weeks (I don’t recommend that, but it’s an option!). The guarantee is 1 year because I know it’s on me to earn your confidence and trust. And going through the program, and getting amazing results, is the only way to achieve that. 

Q: "How do I access it all?"

A: I’ll send out an automatic email after purchase, with a unique login. Then just head on over and jump right in! If it doesn’t show up in the inbox, please check junk/spam folders. And don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the purchase, or any login difficulties, at mail@radiant.me.

Hope this answered all the big questions! Join me now, and just wait to see how amazing you look and feel in 14 days from now!